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oldie = Tänze vor 1999                                          



1,2,3,4 2011Electric Slide oldiePower up 2001
29 Nights 1999Electric Strut oldiePretend 1999
5,6,7,8 1999Elvira oldiePush 2003
Abbronzatissima 2011Enchantment 2002Puttin' on a style 2009
Acky Breaky Heart oldieEvergreen 2003Quarter after one 2011
Apple Jack oldie    
Action  2011Extreme 2006Rashers Rainbow  2010
After Midnight 1999Fais Do Do 2007Red Hot Salsa 1999
Alabama Slammin 2012Feel The Magic 2007Red Staggerwing 2006
All Aboard 1999Fishers Hornpipe 1999Redneck 2001
Alley Cat oldieFlying Eights 1999Redneck Stomp oldie
Amame 2010Food Boogie 1999Rock Paper Scissors 2013
Amore de hielo 2010Four Corner oldieRhyme or Reason  2011
And you you you 2012Fifty Ways 2012  
Apache 1999Four Star Boogie 1999Ribbon of Highway 2002
Aspire 2007Freeze oldieRicochet Waltz oldie
Atlantis 2005From Zero To Hero 2006Riding 2000
All over again 2013Fire & Rain 2013Raggle Taggle Gypsy O 2014
All about the bass 2015Fly High 2014 Rock'n Roll 2015
  Fall in love 2014  
  Fishing in the dark 2015  
Auctioneer oldieFunny 2001Right for Love 2000
Baby Blues 2005Galway girls 2010Rio 2008
Baby once I get you 1999Get in Line 1999Romantasy 2003
Back at ya 2003Ghost Train 1999Rose Garden 2002
Back to the Wild 1999Giddy Up 1999Route 66 1999
Bad Boy 2009Gipsy 2004Rub It In  2007
    Rockin' good christmas 2015
Bad Moon on the Rise  2011Go greased lightning  2009Rushers Rainbow 2002 
Bad moon rising2003 Go Mama go 2010Say Hey Love 2010
Badonkadonk 2006God Blessed Texas 1999Scotia Samba 
Ballymore Boys  2001Goin' Back 2006Scrap it 2001
  Good time girls 2015  
Bare Essential 2000Good to go to Mexico 2003Shakatak 2003
Be strong 2010Hardwood Stomp 1999Shake Your Tail Feather 2004
Before The Devil 2007Heaven Away 2001Shooga 2006
Better off 2004Here for the party 2010Show Me What U Got  2006
Better than Nada  2010High test love 2010Side by Side 2009
Better Up 2007Hightime  2010Sky Bumbus 
Big Girl 2010Hillybilly 1999Slap Leather oldie
Black Coffee 1999Hipp Hopp 2002Slippery  2006
Black Eys 2000Honkey Tonk Stomp oldieSoft and slow 2009
Black Horse 2005Honkey Tonk Twist oldieSome Beach 2007
Baby Bell 2013Hey brother 2013Video Skiffletime Tanzbeschreibung 2013
Blue Sky 2014Home on the range Sugar, sugar 2013
Baby I'm blue 2014Holding back the tears Surprise 2013
  High Cotton2014Skiffle Time 2013
  Hearts and Flowers   
  Hay down2015  
Blue night cha 2010Horse Shox 2001Somebody like You 2004
Bobbie Sue 2006I Don't Feel Like Dancing 2007Something in the water 2012
Body In Motion 2003I wish 2009Southside 
Bomshell Stomp 2007If you ever want me 2011Splish Splash  2004
Boot Scootin'Boogie 1999I'm gonna get cha good 2002Star now 2003
Bop the B Inside Your Heaven 2006Start the Car 2002
Bossanova oldieIrish Stew 2005Sticks and stones  2009
Boyfriend of the year 2011Island in the Stream 2011Stomp it out 2002
Break away 2001It's you for me 2011Such a night 2004
Breakout 2004I lived 2015Sugar And Pai 2007
  I do my dreaming 2015  
Brokenheartsville 2003I Just want to dance 1999Summerfly  2010
Bubba oldieJái du Boogie 1999Sundowner 2002
Butter beans  2009Jambalaya 1999Suspisious Minds 2001
California Prune oldieJukebox  2009Swamp Thing oldie
Canadian Stomp oldieJump 2000Sweet ittle Dangerous 2003
Cannibal Stomp 1999Just A Memory  2004Sweet Pae 2008
  Just a little love 2013Skip the line 2015
  Just me and you 2015Sinner 2015
Caught In The Act 2012Just for Grins oldieSyncopated Love 2006
Celtic Kittens 2012Kerosene 2005Syncopated Rhythm 2000
    Sadie's dress 2015
Cha Cha Loco 2003Kick'n' Ass oldieSyncopated Swing  2007
Cha cha with me  2010Kind Of Magic 2006T-Bone Shuffle 2001
Chattahoochie oldieKlabauterdance 2001Telephone 2011
Calm after the storm 2014Knock'in on Wood  Tennessee Waltz Surprise 2013
Crocodile Role 2015King of Jive 2014That man 
Cherokee Boogie 2003Knee Deep 2011The same star 2012
Chill Factor  2004La Chocolate 2004The Break   2004
Clickety Clack 2001Last Samba 2007That old time Rock'n Roll 2013
Coastin 1999Leaving of Liverpool 2007The flute 2012
Cool celebration  2010Lightning Polka 2002The Heat Is On 2007
Cooler than me Live, Lough,Love 2002The Real Thing 2006
Cotton Eye Joe 1999Livin' Mambo 2001The World 2012
Country Boogie oldieLouisiana Swing 2013Timber 2013
Country Roads 2005Lou Loves You  2010This & That  2011
country two step 2010Lousiana Hot Sauce 1999Thunderfoot oldie
Country Walkin' oldieLennerockers Stroll 2014The gambler 2014
Cowboy 2007Love runs out 2014The boat to Liverpool 2014
Cowboy Boogie oldieLord help me 2015Tell the world 2015
Cowboy Cha Cha oldie Long live Rock'n roll Tick tock two 2014
  Lover, lover 2015  
  Love in this club  2011Toes  2009
  Make it up 2004Town of Hope and Memories 2012
  Mamma Africa  2003The Boat of Liverpool 2014
  Montana oldieTrail 2002
    Truck stop 2015
    The bomp 2015
Cowboy Motion oldieMoonlight Kiss 2009Tush Push oldie
Cowboy Rhythm 2000Moonlight Madness  2011Twist-Em  2003
Cowboy up 2004Mucara Walk  2009Under the sun  2011
  Mini Barrel  2013 Up 2015
  Mamma Maria 2015  
  Middle of the road 2015  
Cowgirl Hustle oldieMustang Sally 2010Up jumped the Boogie  2011
Cowgirl Twist oldieNever Ever 2007Urban Grace 2004
Coyote sing 1999North of the Border 2000Urban Living 2010
Crazy Devils  2011Not Fair 2010Walk with me 2007
Creeple Creek 1999Not like that  2010Walking back 2010
    2013Walking away 2013
Cruisin oldieNot without us 2012Waltz across Texas oldie
Cry to me  2011Old Stuff 2003Wanna be Elvis 2008
CYA 2000On the Fiddle 2003Wanna Be Me  2004
Dance like you´re the only one 2009One Step forward oldieWave on Wave 2004
Dancing Violins 2012Open Season 2004Where we've been 2004
Derailed 1999Out & Jump  2010Whole Again 2002
Dance with me tonight 2013Open heart Cowboy 2014Weekdays 2013
Dance to the violine 2014Oh my love 2015We´ll be Counting Stars 2014
Driven 2013  White Rose 
    We are tonight 2014
    We only live once



Designated Drinker 2004Overload 2005Wild Country Cha Cha oldie
Devil in Disquise 2003Paris 98 1999X-Out oldie
Dizzy 1999Party 4 2 2004You belong with me  2010
Doctor Doctor 2003Picknick Polka 2002You make my dreams  2011
Down on the corner 2002Pirates Of Dance 2005Zjozzys Funk 2005
Dreamworld 2002Pizziricco 2002  
Duck soup 2010Pokerface 2010  
Don't make me 2012Pick a bale 2015  
Driven 2014    
Down to the river 2014    
Don't say goodbye 2014    
Dutch oldiePoor Boy shuffle 1999  
Eagles rock 2008Por Ti Sere 1999  
Easy oldiePorushka-Poranya 2003  
Electric Reel 2005Pour me 2001