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Beginn Clubabend: 19.00 Uhr

19.45 Uhr bis 20.00 Uhr "Plauderpause"

Workshop: 20.00 Uhr

derzeit keine Anfänger-Workshops

 Geteachte Tänze im Jahr 2016, 2017, 2018

und 2019

grün = geplanter Teach
 B = Beginner
F = Fortgeschrittene
O = Oldie

WH = Wiederholung

Datum   Tänze Musiktitel 
19.01.2016  TrespassingTrespassing - Adam Lambert
26.01.2016  Ex's & Oh'sEx's & Oh's - Elle King
16.02.2016  Better when I'm dancingBetter when I'm dancing - Meghan Trainor
15.03.2016  Written in scarsWritten in Scars - Jack Savoretti
23.03.2016  Go cat goPlease Mama please - Elvis Presley
23.03.2016  All about tonightAll about tonight - Black Shelton
23.03.2016  Ain't nothing you can doCry, cry, cry - Jerry Jaye
05.04.2016  Start easyNo one needs to know - Shania Twain
12.04.2016  Lay lowLay low - Josh Turner
05.2016  Catch & ReleaseCatch & Release - Matt Simons
05.2016  Big blue treeBig blue tree - Michael English
06.2016  Drop in the oceanDrop in the ocean - OMI feat. Aron Chupa
19.07.2016  Sweet dummyShotgun - The McClymonts
02.08.2016  Sweet dummy ReteachShotgun - The McClymonts
27.09.2016  Stop staring at my eyesBoobs
18.10.2016  Woman upWoman up - Meghan Trainor
15.11.2016  Bring on the good TimesBring on the good Times - Lisa McHugh
22.11.2016  Come on little bit closerCome on little bit closer - Bouke
29.11.2016  Lay down and dancebaby lay down and dance - Garth Brooks





Tänze 2017

 Songtitel und Interpret
17.01.2017  ItalianoMamma mia (he's italiano) - Elena
31.01.2017  Happy Happy HappySoggy Bottom Summer - Dean Brody
21.02.2017  Nobody but meNobody but me - Michael Buble
07.03.2017  Gypsy QueenGypsy Queen - Chriss Normen
21.03.2017  The QueenTilted - Christine and the Queens
11.04.2017  Shape of youShape of you - Ed Sheeran
02.05.2017ErwinBGolden Wedding RingGolden Ring - Terry Clark
09.05.2017RitaOBreak it back downPat Green
16.05.2017SylviaFNancy MulliganNancy Mulligan - Ed Sheeran
23.05.2017SylviaWHNancy MulliganNancy Mulligan - Ed Sheeran
30.05.2017   kein Workshopauf Wunsch Wiederholung
06.06.2017Erwin BMama LooHarry, Chriss & Ohrwürmer
13.06.2017Ilse OBreak awayScooter Lee
20.06.2017Susi FAnother crazy yearKenny Chesney
26.06.2017Susi WHAnother crazy yearKenny Chesney
04.07.2017Sylvia Drinking with DollyDrinking with dolly - Stephanie Quayle
11.07.2017Erwin Out & JumpJump into my bed - Lou Bega
18.07.2017Sylvia FTag onTo strong to break - Beccy Cole
25.07.2015Syvia WHTag onTo strong to break - Beccy Cole
01.08.2017Ria BDrinking ProblemDrinking Problem - Midland
08.08.2017Erwin OPicnic PolkaI want to be a Cowboy's sweetheart LeeAnn Rimes
22.08.2017Susi FDame masMas - Kamaleon
29.08.2017Susi WHDame masMas - Kamalleon
05.09.2017Rita BThe HarvesterThe Harvester - Brandon Heath
12.09.2017Erwin OCannibal StompCannibals - Mark Knopfler
19.09.2017Ilse FLittle SophiaSophia - Alvaro Soler
19.09.2017IlseWHLittle SophiaSophia - Alvaro Soler
03.10.2017  kein Liedance 
1010.2017Ilse OSouthern DelightLevantando Las Manos - El Simbolo
17.10.2017Susi FBring down the houseBring down the house - Dean Brody
24.10.2017SusiF WHBring down the houseBring down the house - Dean Brody
31.10.2017  kein Linedance 
07.11.2017Susi BDown on your uppersDown on your uppers - Derek Ryan
07.11.2017Susi BSurviveSurvive -Hermes House Band
14.11.2017Erwin OWishful Thinking 
14.11.2017Susi BGot a hole in my pocketHole i my pocket - Scooter Lee
21.11.2017Susi FHavana ooh na naHavana - Camila Cabello
28.11.2017 Susi F WHHavana ooh na naHavana - Camila Cabello
05.12.2017Rita BHold the lineHold the line - Rod Stewart
12.12.2017Erwin OGo Mama goLet your Momma go - Ann Tayler
19.12.2017  F  








Tänze 2018


 Songtitel und Interpret
09.01.2018 Rita BChampagne PromiseChampagne Promise - David Nail
16.01.2018 Erwin OBefore the DevilIf you're going through hell - Rodney Atkins
23.01.2018 Sylvia FDancin' the dustDirt on my boots - Jon Pardi
30.01.2018 SylviaWHDancin' the dustDirt on my boots - Jon Pardi
06.02.2018 Rita B11591159 - The Railers
20.02.2018 Susi FPerfectPerfect  -Ed Sheeran
27.02.2018 Susi WHPerfectPerfect - Ed Sheeran
06.03.2018 Rita BLove me in a fieldLove me in a field - Luke Bryan
13.03.2018 Erwin OPicknick PolkaI want to be a Cowboy's sweetheart - LeAnn Rimes
20.03.2018 Ilse Act like a manYou gotta not - Little Mix
27.03.2018 Ilse WHAct like a manYou gotta not - Little Mix
03.04.2018 Erwin BJoanaCome early morning - Don Williams
10.04.2018 Susi OBlack Horse 
17.04.2018 Sylvia FStory Story - Drake White
24.04.2018 Sylvia WHStory Story - Drake White
08.05.2018 Uschi BSweet hurt 
15.05.2018 Rita OThings I carry around 
22.05.2018 Erwin FHolly's Church My Church
29.05.2018 Erwin WHHollys Church My Church
12.06.2018 Erwin OWeekdays Exept
03.07.2018 Uschi B Born to love Born to love - Lanco
10.07.2018 Sylvia O Cry to me Cry to me - Salomon Burke
17.07.2019 Susi F Dig your heelsHere's to you & I - The   McClymonts
30.10.2018 Susi WH Dig your heels Here's to you & I -The McClymonts
06.11.2018 Uschi B Eyes on youJosé Miguel Belloque Vane, Daniel Trepat 6 Sebastian Holtland - Trent Tomlinson
13.11.2018 Sylvia O Cry to mePaul McAdam - Solomon Burke
20.11.2018 Susi F House of CardsHouse of cards - Kezia Grill
27.11.2018 Susi F WH House of CardsHouse of cards - Kezia Grll
04.12.2018 Sylvia B Damn!!!!Damn! Brett Kissel - Rob Fowler
11.12.2018 Uschi OHave you ever seen the rainHave you ever seen the rain Rod Stewart - DeeMusk
18.12.2018 alle Wiederholungen 
    Ende 2018 






Tänze 2019

 Songtitel und Interpret







 Have you ever...



 15.01.2019 SusiF WH Graffiti

Never comin down - Keith Urban


 22.01.2019 Susi F WH Graffiti 
 29.01.2019 Wiederholung   
 05.02.2019 Rita B Thank you Thank You
 GeryPerkins & Tina Argyle
 12.02.2019 Uschi O Going Back West Going Back West
 Boney M - Werner Hotz
 19.02.2019 Susi FOh me Oh my OhOh me Oh my Oh - Derek Ryan - Rob Fowler
 26.02.2019 Susi F WHOh me Oh my OhOh me Oh my Oh - Derek Ryan - Rob Fowler
 05.03.2019 kein Teach B wegenFasching
 12.03.2019 allgemeine O Wiederholungen 
 19.03.2019 Sylvia O Chill FaktorLast Night - Chris Anderson Daniel Whittaker & Hayley Westhead
 26.03.2019 Sylvia O   WH Chill faktorLast Night - Chris Anderson Daniel Whittaker & Hayley Westhead
 02.04.2019 Uschi B Corazon de MetalCorazon de Metal - Joey Montana - Wil Bos
 09.04.2019 Susi O Trust me 
 16.04.2019 Sylvia F Strip it DownStrip it Down - Luke Bryan Rachel McEnaney-White
 23.04.2019 Sylvia F   WH Strip it DownStrip it Down - Luke Bryan Rachel McEnaney-White 
 30.04.2019 allgemeine  Wiederholungen 
 07.05.2019 Rita B A little Love TripLove Trip - Jerry Kilgore Vikki Morris & Julie Lockton
 14.05.2019 Uschi OHolding back the  tearsMove in the right direction Gossip - Tom Wittig
 21.05.2019 Uschi FNothing but youNothing but you - Leaving Austin - Darren Bailey
 28.05.2019 Uschi F WHNothing but youNothing but you - Leaving Austi - Darren Bailey
 04.06.2019 Uschi BIn your suitcaseTake me with you - Adil - Sarlemij & Poulsen
 11.06.2019 Rita OMucara WalkLa Mucara -Mavericks - John Steel
 18.06.2019 Susi FHigh on a country songSam Riggs - Robert Hahn
 25.06.2019 Susi F WHHigh on a country songSam riggs - Robert Hahn
 02.07.2019 Uschi B All I am is youAll I am - Jess Glynne - Julkia Wetzel 
 09.07.2019 Sylvia ODevil in disguiseTrisha Yearwood -Patricia E.Stott & Alan G. Birchal
16.07.2019 Susi FThis is my hometownGive me back my hometown Eric Church - Dan Albro 
23.07.2019  Susi F WHThis is my hometownGive me back my hometown Eric Church - Dan Albro
30.07.2019   Wiederholungen 
03.09.2019Uschi B Won't back awayDahlbeck - Bailey, Whitehouse, Trepat
10.09.2019Rita O That man oldie 
17.09.2019Rita F Out of sightOut of sight - Midland - Huggins
24.09.2019Rita F WH Out of sightOut of sight - Midland - Huggins